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Find a wide assortment of forklift, construction, port and OTR tires in all types and sizes. Brunette Tire specialists have extensive experience in all areas related to industrial tires, and rubber tracks replacements for our USA and Canadian customers. We maintain excellent relationships with tire manufacturers around the world, many with an extensive line-up of premium products for most uses. We also provide budget brands with a more limited offering and specialist manufacturers with industry specific products.

Our Tire Products

forklift tires

Rubber Press-on

Solid Pneumatic


Poly Press-on

Load Wheels

construction equipment tires

Skid Steer




otr tires




Miscellaneous Tires

Airport Ground

Port Tires

Other Items


Minimize Equipment Downtime

We stock a extensive range of products in multiple warehouses throughout North America to keep shipping times and costs to a minimum. These include forklift tires, polyurethane load wheels, floor scrubber tires, construction tires, OTR tires (i.e. loaders) and rubber tracks for most industrial makes and models.

About Us

We specialize in industrial tires!

Our staff have many years of hands-on experience; from installation to sourcing tires for specialized applications. Let our expertise assist you with your industrial needs. You just don't get that from a company that generates 90% of its revenue selling passenger tires or thousands of other forklift parts.

Tire Options To Fit All Budgets

To meet our customers' application and budget requirements we partner with many economy and premium manufacturers. This makes us one of the most dependable and knowledgeable suppliers in the industry.

Companies We Work With

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