Solid Forklift Tires

Flat proof tire solutions for forklifts can be solid rubber tires, solid pneumatic tires, polyurethane press-on tires and polyurethane load wheels & casters. For more details on solid forklift tires, click on the links below.

Solid Forklift Tires For Most Makes & Models …

rubber cushion press on forklift tire

Cushion Press-On Tires

Solid rubber bonded to a steel band available in black and non-marking. A cushion tire's lower profile gives more stability for forklifts operating on smooth floors where tight turning is desired.

solid pneumatic (resilient) forklift tire

Solid Pneumatic (Resilient) Tires

Many tires used in industrial and commercial applications are manufactured from solid rubber. If you have split-wheel or lock-ring type wheels, you should be able to replace the pneumatic tire with a solid tire.

polyurethane cushion press on forklift tire

Polyurethane Cushion Press-On Tires

Similar to rubber press-on tires, but are capable of carrying heavier loads. They are well-suited for narrow aisle forklifts and order pickers. Our press-on forklift tires are made from polyurethane bonded to a steel band. They can also be grooved or siped for special applications such as wet environments or freezer usage.

polyurethane load wheels & casters

Polyurethane Load Wheels & Casters

Small and capable of carrying very heavy loads usually found on pallet jacks, order pickers, narrow aisle forklifts, etc. Load wheels are made from polyurethane bonded to a steel core.

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