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Our forklift tires are specifically designed to provide optimum performance and maximum durability for today's demanding applications. We provide expert insight and solutions for all warehouse vehicles such as forklifts, stock pickers, and material handling equipment.

Typically, forklift tires can be solid, pneumatic (air filled) or polyurethane depending on the application and forklift type. Variations include different tire compounds, marking and non-marking, low rolling resistance and even anti-static. Brunette Tire can supply rubber press-on cushion, pneumatic and solid pneumatic (resilient) forklift tires for all makes and models. Whether you have one or a whole fleet of lift trucks, we can supply your tire needs.

Multiple Warehouse Inventory

Access to large tire inventories throughout North America for rapid order fulfilment and lower shipping costs.

Forklift tires are in stock for all makes and models including:

  • Pneumatic forklift ires
  • Solid pneumatic forklift tires
  • Resilient forklift tires
  • Press-on rubber cushion forklift tires
  • Press-on polyurethane cushion forklift tires
  • Polyurethane load wheels and forklift casters
  • Radial forklift tires
  • Bias forklift tires
  • Non-marking solid forklift tires
  • Flat-proof forklift tires (foam filled)
  • Forklift tire chains

Tire Options To Fit All Budgets

To meet our customers' industrial and budget requirements we partner with many economy and premium manufacturers. This makes us one of the most dependable and knowledgable suppliers in the industry.

Selecting the right tire can improve port equipment performance, improve operator productivity and reduce equipment downtime. Let our tire experts guide you for the best tire for your needs.

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How Do You Know When A Forklift Tire Needs To Be Replaced?

There are a number of reasons why you should replace a forklift tire before it poses either a potential safety hazard or is causing performance issues. Below, you will find the recommendations made by the premium manufacturers:

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