Brunette Tire is a full-service distributor of industrial, construction, port and OTR tires. For simplicity, we have broken our products into these primary categories. Please be sure to contact us for sizes that do not appear on our website as we have only included the most common sizes.

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  • Forklift Tires

    forklift tires

    Stock handling equipment such as Forklifts, stock pickers, narrow aisle, and other material handling equipment tires.

  • Construction Tires

    skid steer tires, backhoe tires

    Construction tires can be pneumatic, flat-proofed or solid depending on the application. Equipment normally found on job sites such as Skid Steer, Backhoe, All Terrain Forklifts or Telehandlers, and Rubber Tracked Equipment.

  • Telehandler Tires

    all-terrain forklift tires, telehandler tires

    All-terrain forklifts and telehandlers are more important than ever. We offer premium bias tires with reinforced sidewalls for longer life and abuse protection and well as flat-proof solid assemblies for most machines.

  • Off-The-Road (OTR) Tires

    loader tires, grader tires, compactor tires

    Peak performance, durability and excellent tread life are built into every OTR tires (Off-The-Road tires) we offer. OTR tires can be pneumatic, flat-proofed or solid rubber depending on the application. We provide expert insight and tire solutions for all OTR equipment such as Excavator, Loader, Grader, Earthmover, Mobile Crane and Compactor machines.

  • Port Tires

    Straddle Carriers, Container Handlers, Cranes, Terminal Tractors & Transports, Container Forklifts

    Travelling back and forth thousands of times to load and unload ships as quickly as possible, stacking fully loaded containers over abrasive surfaces requires a specialized port tire. Port Tires are different than forklift and other material handling tires primarily vehicle height, vehicle weight, and vehicle speed.

  • Airport Support Tires

    Straddle Carriers, Container Handlers, Cranes, Terminal Tractors & Transports, Container Forklifts

    We offer a complete range of tires required for the airport industry. Whether industrial, passenger, MPT or Truck Tires, we have the best solution for anyone concerned with long tire life and optimum operating costs.

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